The following are some questions you might have, feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member ?

Visit http://vinocoop.com/portal/register to complete your registration

Before you can apply for a loan you need to activate a membership plan e.g (basic, gold, silver platinum etc). Proceed to select a loan type e.g normal or express.

Normal loans range between NGN10,000 - 50,000.
You are only entitled to twice of your savings to qualify for a normal loan. e.g You can receive a loan of NGN15,000 only when you have saved up to NGN7,500 for 6months of membership.

Express loans are available to only members of a particuar group where your group admin will stand as your guarantor

Collateral loans are from 100,000 and above

You probably did not meet the requirment. Kindly check the how to apply for a loan questions section for clarification

All members are expected to save monthly so they can qualify for loans when they need it. Only members who save for at least 6months can get a loan

Groups are created amongst friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. Only group members can qualify for express loans. Creating a group automaticaly makes you the guarantor of your members.

No. Withdrawals are access as loans. You can loan twice of your savings.

You can raise a ticket from your account for quick support from our admins

Our members are entitled to loans, shares/dividends , trainings, opportunities to own landed properties and so much more!

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