DuKAN Multi-Purpose Consult

We are a co-operative society that provides financial services to her members to facilitate their business needs, give loans & create opportunities for members to invest in Agriculture.


Facilitating active engagement in agriculture


Helping members to develope investment & saving culture


Providing short and long term loans to members

Ensuring maximum ROI

One of the biggest challenge faced by agricultural investors is the ability to accurately measure profit and attain utmost ROI. If you fall in this category, then look no further. We provide first class investment guide and advisory services to prospective investors to facilitate and ensure measurable investment proceeds

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Our Farms

Rice Farm

Ogun State, Delta State & Imo State. Nigeria

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Lagos State & Imo State. Nigeria

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Palm Produce

Delta State & Imo State. Nigeria

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Ogun State & Imo State. Nigeria

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Savings Features

Group Savings

Save daily, weekly, monthly with your group members

Target Savings

Save towards a particular goal e.g car, house rent etc

Investment Savings

Maintain a fixed deposit account to enjoy juicy interest rate

Loan Features

Business Loans

Get a business loan for short term between 3 to 5 months, medium term between 6 to 12 months & long term for above 12 months

Personal Loans

Get a personal loan to take care of your needs e.g car purchase, land acquisition, school fees, we are here for you.

Group Loans

Choose the preferred duration for your group - short, medium or long term to get access to cash and pay collectively.


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